Children, adolescents and women are considered to be the most vulnerable cohorts that are targeted by our projects.

Fundación Iberdrola España intends to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people in communities where Iberdrola carries out its activities. The Social Aid Programme forges alliances with non-profit organisations that promote social and solidarity projects each year.

We see education and training as useful tools that enable people to emerge from poverty by fostering social inclusion. All these projects will be targeted at what are considered to be the most vulnerable cohorts: children, adolescents and women. Another line of work aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Our Social Aid Programme creates alliances with non-profit organisation, helping people to emerge from poverty by fostering social inclusion

  • Education as a tool for overcoming child poverty.
  • Inclusión social de personas con discapacidad.
  • Social inclusion of people with disabilities.Improving the quality of life of people with serious diseases.
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