• To carry out the reforestation, the Iberdrola Foundation has invested around 140,000 euros and has hired 45 people, from local companies in different municipalities of the province.
  • These works have involved the planting, in an area close to 50 hectares, of more than 40,000 trees, thus absorbing up to 1,900 tons of CO2.

The President of Fundación Iberdrola España, Fernando García Sánchez, together with the Director General of Infrastructure, Vice Admiral José Francisco Pérez-Ojeda y Pérez, and the Military Commander of the Provinces of Valladolid and Palencia, Brigadier General José Rivas Moriana, visited this morning the Renedo-Cabezón military maneuvering and shooting range, located in the province of Valladolid, to see the results of the reforestation recently carried out by Fundación Iberdrola España.

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This reforestation, the first undertaken by the Foundation as part of the Bosque Defensa-Iberdrola plan, has involved the planting of more than 40,000 trees over an area of nearly 50 hectares. Of these, 80% are pines of the resin variety, and the remaining 20% are holm oaks. This means the absorption of 1,900 tons of CO2.

To carry out this work, which lasts two months, Fundación Iberdrola España has invested around 140,000 euros and has hired 45 people, all of them from local companies in different municipalities of the province. Additionally, during the summer seasons of 2019 and 2020, these companies will be hired again to carry out maintenance and irrigation work.

Agreement between Iberdrola and the Ministry of Defense.

Iberdrola signed in 2018 a protocol of intentions with the Ministry of Defense together with the General Directorate of Infrastructures, to develop joint initiatives for the improvement, protection, and conservation of the environment in different areas, and with the ultimate aim of actively contributing to the fight against climate change.

One of the areas of action identified was the conservation of the natural environment. To this end, these entities agreed to develop a program for the reforestation of the Army’s military maneuvering fields, which are owned by this ministry. Iberdrola, through its Foundation in Spain, is therefore responsible for carrying out this work on the land selected by the administration, with a commitment to carry out one every year.

Thanks to this initiative, which will be extended to other regions where the Ministry of Defense has maneuvering fields, not only does it improve and promote the conservation of the natural environment, but it also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.