The Iberdrola Spain Foundation’s guiding standards are set out in its By Laws.

Fundación Iberdrola España, established on 13 March 2002, is considered to be of social interest according to Ministerial Order ECD/2019/2002 of 15 July 2002 and is listed in the Foundations Registry of the Spanish Ministry of Culture as an institution founded by the Iberdrola, S.A. company.

Our By-Laws [PDF] are the Foundation’s guiding standards. These By-Laws specify our rules in terms of governance, funding and overall operation in compliance with current legal provisions, as well as defining our institutional goals of public interest. All of this is established taking into account the principles set out in Iberdrola’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policies, which means it conforms to the Corporate Governance System.

The consolidated content of our By-Laws includes all amendments made since the Foundation was first established.