Conservation, restoration, scholarships and educational activities

As part of its commitment to supporting art and culture, Iberdrola has been a member of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Board since 2001. The now firmly established Iberdrola-Museum Programme is carried out annually through a Collaboration Agreement with Fundación Iberdrola España. It is an initiative that supports three lines of action by the departments of Conservation and Restoration and Education and Cultural Action.

  1. The Conservation and Restoration Programme, which finances the annual treatment of a series of art works from the museum’s permanent collection.
  2. The Iberdrola-Museum grant to promote education and research in the field of the conservation and restoration of art works.
  3. The educational activities specifically aimed at introducing the museum’s collection to members of the public with special needs due to visual or cognitive disabilities, or in social integration programmes.

To learn more about this project, download the presentation on the works restored within the programme in 2018 [PDF] here.