Since 2011, we have collaborated with Fundación Empieza por Educar in the STEM 4 GRLS program, promoting STEM careers among girls and whose main objectives are:

  1. Attract and select graduates with the talent to become great teachers and with the commitment to seek educational transformation in pursuit of equity. For two years they teach in education centers in disadvantaged environments.
  2. Train and accompany through an extensive program to develop systematic teaching and leadership skills that allows you to maximize the impact on your students, the community where you teach, and the education system in the long term.
  3. Boost and connect. After the program, we accelerate the professional careers of the students towards those areas with the greatest incidence of educational equity. Thus generating a network that promotes educational change from inside and outside the classroom.

Thanks to this alliance, Fundación Iberdrola España would continue creating a future that responds to the current need to attract talent for the stability of key sectors in the Spanish economy. We award five annual scholarships, impacting over 1,200 students already through Iberdrola fellows.