Fundación Iberdrola España is committed to caring for and maintaining our historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

One of our main objectives is to promote culture, paying special attention to caring for and maintaining cultural and artistic diversity, uniqueness and richness.

We undertake the following activities in the cultural field:

  • Restoration, conservation and lighting of historical-artistic heritage. The aim is to promote the restoration and conservation of our historical-artistic heritage through collaboration with both the public and private organisations and institutions responsible for managing the heritage of the countries where IBERDROLA operates, in order to contribute to wealth creation and to developing these regions. In addition, we pay special attention to the lighting of distinctive monuments.
  • Exhibitions and shows displaying Iberdrola’s industrial and artistic heritage. The idea is to highlight the industrial and artistic heritage of the Iberdrola Group through activities designed to disseminate its history and its business and industrial development.
  • Promoting art and culture in our territories. We actively contribute to promoting and disseminating art and culture in Spain by supporting local cultural events, especially in those territories where Iberdrola is present. To do so, we technically and financially support artistic and cultural activities carried out by important public or private institutions such as museums, theatres, foundations or cultural societies.

We have one of the world’s greatest historical-artistic and cultural heritage. The Fundación Iberdrola España is promoting initiatives and projects aimed at protecting, preserving and promoting it.