• Fundación Iberdrola España has collaborated with Fundación Canaria Centro de Atención a la Familia to support several programs of the “Lluvia Day Center”, a Center for Minors and Families in Puerto del Rosario.
  • The “Lluvia Day Center” aims to improve the quality of life of children and their families on the island of Fuerteventura.

Iberdrola is committed to improving the quality of life of people by supporting the most vulnerable groups and promoting their social inclusion in society to seek a better future. Fundación Iberdrola España collaborates with Fundación Canaria Centro de Atención a la Familia, a foundation that supports the most vulnerable families in the Canary Islands by resolving conflicts and improving communication within child-parent relationships. In addition, it offers guidance services to the people who attend the center and to the families of the children and adolescents.

Fundación Iberdrola wanted to collaborate with the “Lluvia Day Center” and its program of school support, training, guidance, and food for families at risk of social exclusion. The program aims to improve the quality of life of children and their families.

To this end, the center carries out various types of education: Education in responsibility, both in parents and children; education in healthy eating habits and the commitment to the importance of values such as tolerance, respect, and empathy towards others. As well as working on the empowerment and self-esteem of the people who participate in the program, cultivating emotional intelligence in a positive sense.

Iberdrola committed to society

Since its creation, Iberdrola has been committed to the energy, cultural and social development of the communities in which it operates. In this regard, Fundación Iberdrola España represents a further step in this commitment by promoting initiatives that improve people’s quality of life.

In addition, Fundación Iberdrola España, through its Social Program, has allocated more than 11 million euros to social initiatives in the country and helped a total of 414,546 people. Since the launch of this Plan in 2010, the company has promoted more than 441 projects in collaboration with more than one hundred social entities, contributing to the fight against child poverty, school support, and the social integration of children, young people and women in vulnerable situations. The Social Program has enabled the creation of 1,630 jobs and counted with 7,648 volunteers.