Fundación Integra has celebrated this morning the delivery of its Compromiso Awards 2023, awards are given annually by the entity to recognize and value the work of professionals and companies in the labor integration of people in exclusion and people with disabilities. A social impact to which the companies in the Compromiso Integra network, promoted by the Foundation, have contributed since 2001 with over 20,500 jobs.

This new edition of the Compromiso Awards took place at the Botín Foundation headquarters in Madrid. The event brought together over 150 people, including trustees, directors, HR and sustainability managers, corporate volunteers, partners, friends, and beneficiaries of the Foundation.

The purpose of these awards is to give special recognition to the support of the organizations that are part of Compromiso Integra. A network of companies and entities that are committed to socially responsible employment, promoted by Fundación Integra and currently comprising more than 60 companies.

The meeting, which was chaired by Ana Botella, Executive President of Fundación Integra, was also attended by a beneficiary of Fundación Integra and Juan Ignacio Entrecanales, Executive Vice President of Acciona and trustee of the Foundation since 2001, who was in charge of welcoming the companies that have recently joined the Compromiso Integra network.

During her speech, Ana Botella thanked the companies for their involvement, support, and collaboration during these 22 years. “Together we got employment to 1,400 people last year. People with name and surname for whom a job is economic independence, health, and living with dignity with their families. There is no better social measure than employment“. In addition, the Executive President of Fundación Integra shared the Foundation’s new challenges for 2023.

This event has also hosted a colloquium of companies in which they have addressed the keys to ensuring that corporate volunteering generates a great social impact on the local community, companies, and their employees, highlighting the importance of having a strategic partner such as Integra Foundation.

Volunteering Awards 2023

For their support and commitment to the training of people in social exclusion through volunteering and for their special efforts to promote volunteering among their employees, the Awards for Volunteering 2023 went to Endesa and its Foundation, Portobello Capital, and Vía Célere. José D. Bogas, CEO of Endesa and Vice President of the Endesa Foundation; Ramón Cerdeiras, founding partner of Portobello Capital; and José Ignacio Morales, CEO of Vía Célere, collected the awards on behalf of their companies.

HR Special Mentions

The following have received the HR Special Mention for their work in the recruitment process of people in vulnerable situations: Natalia Rodrigo, head of operational personnel selection at Alsa; Rosario Iglesias, head of selection at El Corte Inglés; Sara Pardo and Prado Fernández, head of personnel selection and HR at Grupo Sagital; and Helena Seuva, head of personnel administration in Barcelona at Urbaser.

Integra Commitment Awards

The awards were presented to the 15 companies that have joined Fundación Integra’s Compromiso Integra network over the past year: Allen&Overy, Condis Supermercados, Fundación Iberdrola España, Keywords Studios, KPMG España, Logista, Mujeres Avenir, Prezero, Sensilis, Serveo, SunMedia, Uber, Moove Cars and Vithas.