The Fundación Iberdrola Scholarships and Research Programme supports training for a new generation of workers.

Here are some of the important agreements we have entered into in recent years to carry out environmental projects and initiatives:

  • Fundación Princesa de Girona: We collaborated in the Entrepreneurial Talent Scholarship Programme organised by this Foundation by sponsoring 20 scholarships to promote participation and attendance at Forum Impulsa, which was held in Girona in June 2015. This forum connects junior and senior professionals to encourage a positive attitude among young people towards the initiative and effort that will help them to develop their full range of talents.
  • Fundación Universitaria Comillas-ICAI.Through this partnership, we support the Science, Technology and Social Ethics Programme under the science, technology and religion chair, aimed at promoting the study and development of science and technology from an ethical-social perspective.
  • Fundació Universitat Jaume I Empresa.This partnership promotes the relationship between the Universitat Jaume I and its socioeconomic environment through its own or third party activities and projects organised by the university and private companies or public administrations.
  • Fundación General Universidad de Salamanca.We work with this foundation to encourage relations between the University of Salamanca and public and private bodies in any area of mutual interest. Particular attention is given to relationships between the university and businesses that could lead to the advancement of research activities, and to actions to promote employment by contributing funds for this purpose.